10 things i love about autumn

Hot drinks all day, every day

Whether it is tea, coffee or a hot chocolate; you feel better when you drink something warm on a cold evening.

Sweater weather

Sweaters. What else can I add? They are so comfortable and baggy and keep you warm all day. You wear them with literally anything- leggings, jeans, skirt or over a dress!

Cozy nights in

I prefer to stay in and watch a movie rather than go out and party. Autumn is a great season to have that excuse; "Sorry I can't go out tonight, I'm having a movie marathon." Make some toffee popcorn, light a candle or two and binge watch the movies in your watch later list.

Shorter days

There is something about the days being shorter that make me happy. It gets dark around five or six which means that getting into your pajamas at that time is acceptable!!

Crunchy leaves

I love watching the leaves change to orange and red. It makes everything around more autumny. Hearing them crunch while you make your way through the park is so satisfying; makes me feel like a kid again.

Long walks

I enjoy walks; whether it is a short ten minute walk to the shop or an hour long one just wondering around town. And it is so much better in Autumn. Even though it is cold, the cold crisp air is good for you.


I think this point is so obvious. Who doesn't like coming home after a long day at university or work and light some candles. It creates such a relaxing and calm atmosphere making you forget about your worries for a while.


Halloween is not a known thing in Poland therefore I didn't really know about it until I moved to Ireland. Since then, I dressed up every Halloween even if I wasn't going out anywhere. I love how the community comes together, seeing the smiles on little faces and the candy, of course.


Pumpkins have this unique smell which I adore. When I lived at home, we would all crave a pumpkin and then turn it into a lantern or a candle holder. My dad would make this amazing pumpkin soup that I could literally eat everyday for a month.

Books & blankets

I am a book lover and the autumn season brings out the 'geek' out of me. I can read for hours without a break. All I need is some hot chocolate, a good book, warm blanket and some snacks to keep me going for a day.