26 things to do everyday in animal crossing - new horizons

With Animal Crossing New Horizons coming out just over a month ago, it has sold a whooping 2.6 million physical copies in its first 10 days on sale. I'm not surprised that it took me over a week to find a Nintendo Switch and the Animal Crossing game; but it was worth it in the end.

I only started playing ACNH 10 days ago so I am still a newbie, but since we have all been stuck inside for a while now, there is no surprise that I have been addicted to this game since I got it. At the start I was so confused as to what to do when I've completed all my tasks for the day, so I made a list of "26 things everyone can do on their island everyday!"

In case some people didn't know, the day resets at 5 am every morning.

Check your mail

Remember to check your mail every day. Anything you ordered the day before will be sent to your mail box. If you're lucky enough, you sometimes get gifts from the islanders and even your mother writes to you

Check your Nook Miles

The second thing I would recommend you to do is to check your Nook Miles + for special events and tasks. You'll be able to briefly remember what you have to do and while doing your daily tasks you'll get more Nook Miles.

Check your ATM for free Miles

This is a simple task - if you check your ATM everyday, your free Miles increase. They stop once you hit seven days in a row meaning that every day you visit after going to it for a week, you'll receive 300 Miles.

Check the lost and found bin for any free items

The lost and found bin in Resident Services building is amazing. You can find anything from a cardboard box to furniture pieces in there, so make sure to see if there is anything new every day.

Go round the beach and collect shells

Shells get washed up to your beach multiple times a day so make sure to go round and collect them at least three times a day. If you have a big collection, you can sell them in the Nook's Cranny for quite a bit of money. You can view their price list here.

Collect the washed up message in the bottle on the shore

Every morning you get a new message in the bottle that gets washed up to the shore. Make sure to pick it up and read the message; it contains a DIY recipe that will be useful either now or in the future. If you already have that DIY recipe, you can sell it in the Nook's Cranny or give/exchange it with a friend.

Dig up the glowing spark in the ground

The glowing spark in the ground is where you will find 1,000 bells. You can either replant the 1,000 bells or replant a bigger sum if you have it. The tree will then grow and within 4 days you'll be able to collect three times what you planted.

Hit rocks

Using a shovel (I prefer the axe), hit all the rocks you find on your island. Most of them will give you stone, iron nuggets and clay but if you're lucky they can sometimes give you gold nuggets; and if you're really lucky then you can come across a money stone that can give you up 13,300 bells. Be careful though, because if you ate a fruit and you hit a rock, it will disappear straight away. The money stone only appears one a day.

Look for fossils in the ground

Every day, you will be able to find four new fossils somewhere on your island. Make sure to dig them up and bring them to Blather's to get them assessed. If it's something new and not in the museum yet, I'd advise you to give it to Blather's - the aim is to get the collection 100% completed.

Go fishing

Another thing you can do everyday is to go around your island and fish in your sea, rivers and lakes for new species. If you find a new fish, make sure to donate it to the museum.

Catch bugs

Catching bugs can always end in finding new species which you can donate. You can also sell them in the shop or keep and display them inside your house - if that is something you want to do. Later in the game Flick will appear on you island and he will buy bugs off you for 150% of the price, so make sure you have some saved for when he appears!

Water your plants

Watering your plants is only essential if it's not raining on your island. They will grow quicker and if you have flowers next to each other, watering them could cause them to cross-pollinate meaning you might get a new type of plant/flower.

Make some fish bait

You can easily make some fish bait using the Manila Clams that can be found on the beach. They are buried in the sand but you can easily spot them as they appear as a black dot that shoots some water out of it - if you see it, grab a shovel and dig it up!

Chop your tree three times for wood

If you use your flimsy stone axe, you can hit a tree three times and it will give you three pieces of wood; softwood, wood or hardwood. The wood comes in handy if you want to build furniture so make sure to get enough wood every day to build up your stack.

Shake your tree multiple times

If you shake your tree multiple times, you will get tree branches, money and furniture pieces fall onto the ground - be careful though, sometimes you can get a wasps nest which will release angry wasps so make sure you have a net handy so you can catch them. Otherwise you'll get stung and will have a swollen eye for the whole day (or you can take medicine which can be purchased at Nook's Cranny or made by a DIY recipe - if you haven't got it, talk to one of your villagers after you get stung, they'll give you one.

Clear your island from weed

When you first move into your island, it will be covered in weeds. After some time, you will realise you need to clean your island from them in order to build things and make branches/fruit fall from the trees. I do believe you get three new weeds every day so if you are bored, you can wonder around your island and get rid of them.

Don't sell them all at once! Weed can be used to make things like hedges and medicine. You can sell some of them but wait for Leif the sloth to visit your island - he pays twice as much for them as Timmy and Tommy do in the Nook's Cranny.

Sell fruit

Got loads of fruit? Sell it - you get Nook Miles for selling fruit while the Nature Day Event is on. Your native fruit sells for 100 bells while non-native sells for 500 bells each, so when you visit an island and get some new fruit make sure to plant some trees as this will help you generate more profit.

I would also advise you to plant some coconuts - you can find them on all islands (they grow on the beach). Coconuts sell for 250 bells each but they are also helpful for some DIY recipes.

Shoot down presents

Balloons appear to spawn on the fourth and ninth minute every 10-minute cycle, so think 5:04, 5:09, 5:14, 5:19 and so forth. That's up to 12 balloons an hour if you're lucky. (Nintendo, 2020)

Travel to different islands using the Nook Mile Ticket

In order to travel to different island, you have to use a Nook Mile Ticket that you can purchase for 2,00 Nook Miles at the ATM in the Resident Services building.

There are so many different islands you can travel to but it is all down to luck; you cannot choose where to go and remember you will NEVER visit it again so grab what you can.

Here's a little guide to what islands there are and what probability rate it has.

Check Turnip prices at Nook's Cranny

Make sure to check Turnip prices at Nook's Cranny twice a day. The price differs in the morning and the afternoon so don't cave in straight away. Please remember than after a week Turnips go bad so they will be of no use.

Visit stores

Visit stores at Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters and the ATM to see what's on sale. There's something new in the stores everyday so it is worth checking the stuff out. Some furniture pieces and things being sold at Nook's Cranny are off limited edition meaning you may never be able to buy it again on your island so my tip is to buy as much things as possible. Why? Well first of all, it might be useful in the future, a villager might want to buy it off you or you can find people online who would be willing to buy it off you for more which will result in profit! YAY!!


Later in the game you'll be able to relocate buildings, build bridges, new inclines and just move the island around - this is something you could do to make your island look prettier and more organised.

Talk to visitors (if you get any)

Throughout the day you could have visitors passing by your island so make sure to talk to them. Some of them will give you things in return for favours so it is worth talking to everyone you see. Do remember that you won't get a visitor everyday so only apply this when possible.

Decorate your island

Running out of things to do? Why not replant your trees, make some DIY crafts ad move furniture around? The island is all yours and the aim is to make it habitable and pretty at the same time. Spend some time decorating your home, planting trees and making new furniture pieces.

Visit friends or let them visit you

I'm sure by now you have added some people via the Friend Code which means that you can visit them on their island and vise versa. How exciting? If you visit your friends, make sure you don't take anything without their permission - ask before taking anything and maybe bring a little gift as a thank you. That's always nice.

You can only visit your friends when the gates at their airport is open so make sure to tell them beforehand that you're planning on coming and they might give you their Dodo Code. And it works the same other way round, if you want to invite someone to your island,make sure your gates are open and you'll be informed if someone is flying in.

At night time

In the morning, Isabelle will make a weather announcement and she will let you know if any shooting stars will appear that night. The shooting stars appear between 19.00 and 04.00 and to find one, you have to either find a place where you can see a big patch of the clear sky and wait, or you can carry on working on your island and when you hear a chime-like sound, drop everything and look up to the sky.

Make sure you are not holding anything. When you see the shooting star, press A. If done correctly, your little person will put its hands together and the star will glow for a second. If you made the wish successfully, in the morning you will find star fragments along the shore of your island. The star fragments can then be used to make a magic wand and different things. Make sure you talk to Celeste - she appears at night time - as she will give you recipes that include the star fragments.

If you successfully wish upon a star in New Horizons, make sure you visit the beaches on your island. Along the sandy shores of your island, you should find a fallen Star fragment, which could be one of three types.

And there you go, that's my list of 26 things you can do on your island everyday. I am still a newbie but would love to see what your islands look like so you can add me on Switch via my friend code (SW-8550-9283-0622) and you can also follow me on my Animal Crossing

Instagram to keep up with my updates. (Might use it as my interior design portfolio if it looks better than my designs!)

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