52 things to do in isolation

Due to thousands of people isolating either by themselves or with their families I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of things people can do while being 'stuck at home'.

So here is a list of 52 things anyone can do from home...


Clean your flat

Clean out your wardrobe

Put your clothes up on Dpop

Organise your makeup

Clean out your kitchen drawers

DIY around the house


Create a new makeup look

Paint your nails

Try a new hair style

Clean your makeup brushes

Try a new skin care routine


Workout from home

Start yoga


Create an exercise playlist


Learn to cook something new

Learn to bake something new

Bake something fun with your siblings


Call your friends and family

Do some puzzles

Play board games

Play card games

Play electronic games - Nintendo, PS2, PC

Plant some flowers/herbs in your garden


Post on Tik Tok

Create Spotify playlists

Make a scrap book

Read a book

Listen to an audio book

Listen to a podcast

Watch a new Netflix series

Watch movies on Disney+

Learn a new skill

Paint or draw something

Create a bucket list

Learn a new language

Have a pamper evening

Sort through your 'unread' emails


Start an online blog

Update your SEO on your blog

Interact with other bloggers

Update your social medias

Make pins for your blog

Take pictures for Instagram


Start a business

Sell homemade things on Etsy

Write a book

Create a course


Do your university work

Do your work (if you're working from home)

Do online tutoring

Help your siblings with their work

I hope this was an inspiring post and that there is something for everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and calm throughout this pandemic.

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