a week in a life of an interior design student

This week I decided to do something different and instead of a normal post I wanted to share with you what being an interior design student (in third year) is like. This week was quite quiet yet I managed to do a lot since I have a deadline on the 10th (Monday) so I hope you enjoy!

Monday 3rd February

I went into uni at 9 am - I didn't have a session until 11 yet I decided to go in earlier and do some work before the meeting. At 11 I had a meeting with my tutor where we discussed what I will be presenting next Monday and what my next steps are. I am currently designing a cafe, restaurant, bar and a reception area within a sustainable hotel that is located in Belfast - this means that all food served within the hotel will be plant based and all materials and furniture pieces will be sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled and reused.

12 pm came not long after which meant one thing - LUNCH TIME!! My friends and I have a bake off competition with each other and this week was my time to bake. I decided to bake a brownie with caramel and a layer of chocolate on top; I honestly think it turned out alright - it was a little too sweet but with a cup of tea it was perfect. (I did not get any pictures of the brownies as they turned out messy so for the sake of my blog, I thought I wouldn't take any). Our university is organising a LGBT+ pride later this month so throughout February there are events and freebies all over the campus so we went to check that out - you can never say no to a free T-shirt, am I right?

I stayed in uni until 4 pm and then went home as I thought I did enough work for that day. I had dinner, put Minions on and continued on with my sketchbook work. Once 7 pm hit, I finished off my work, made myself some tea and just relaxed as I knew the next couple of days will be busy.

Tuesday 4th February

Tuesday started off slow - I went to bed with a headache on Monday and woke up with a massive migraine on Tuesday. I woke up around 8 am but stayed in bed till 10 am as getting up was not an option. I had some breakfast (oats and banana) and then decided to start doing uni work straight away as I knew it will be a busy day. 3.30 pm hit which meant dinner time aka PASTA (so unoriginal, I know). After multiple hours of sketching and doing design work, it was time to move onto my CV and cover letter which took me to 6 pm.

I then had an urge to tidy my flat which took about an hour and a half but it honestly felt so good to relax knowing your place is nice and tidy. The rest of the evening was spent in bed, again. I promise it's not like that every day - I am stressed and my headaches are unbearable!!

Wednesday 5th February

Happy hump day! Wednesday consisted of me getting up, getting breakfast (yoghurt and granola) and working on my sustainable project from home again. I did some sketches and more sketchbook work since I have a Formative assessment on Monday so I have to get loads of work done before that. After spending what felt like HOURS on the project, I decided to take a break and have some pasta AGAIN. Don't judge - work is taking over all my free time so I cannot cook any fancy meals right now. After some pasta, I went back to work - more writing on sustainability and research into sustainable designs.

5 pm aka shower time. I took a quick shower and cooked some rice as I knew I won't have time to do it on Thursday. While my rice was cooking, I had a nice little phone call with my parents which motivated me to do some more work. 6 pm to 7 pm was all about drinking tea and writing my cover letter. I know that an hour seems like a long time to spend on it but my brain just shut down and I honestly had no idea what to write. Yikes.

Let's face it, we now know what my evenings are like - tea and bed but today I also spent the time updating my blog, planning some posts for the next few weeks and catching up on reading some fellow bloggers' posts. :)

Thursday 5th February

Thursday - my least favourite day of the week. I don't have a seminar until 4 pm on Thursdays but I drag myself to university every week at 9 am so that I can do some work as I know that after spending two days at home with no human contact I will go nuts!

The day started off with the usual - waking up, breakfast and leaving for uni. From 9 am to 12 pm I did some CAD plans and started designing my hotel within SketchUp as I need to present visuals of my space on Monday. 12 pm aka LUNCH TIME and at 1 pm I got back to work. I continued with my SketchUp model until it was 3.50 pm as I had a session that started at 4 pm. The session involved meeting up with two of my tutors and going through my CV and cover letter to make sure that my design of the documents and the content was ready to be sent out to potential employers.

My session finished an hour early, so I was done at 5 pm. I decided to head home straight away and I made myself some chicken curry with rice. The rest of the evening I spent on finishing my visuals, doing more of my sketchbook work and starting to order samples for my project.

Friday 6th February

Today I had another day off. I woke up at 9 am and headed off to Lild to do my weekly shop (I either shop at Lild or Tesco's - in case anyone is wondering) and then went into town to get some bits and bobs ready for my Prague trip in three weeks time. I got home around 1 pm and after having some left over curry, I am finishing writing this blog post and I am going to keep developing my visuals and design scheme for my presentation on Monday so with me luck!

I did get some cute clothes and accessories but I think I might save it for another blog post. Hope you all had an amazing week!