autumn evening routine

Fall night routine is all over the internet nowadays; mainly YouTube. I decided to go along with the trend and write a blog based on my typical university day evening.

6:00 pm

I finish university at around six and head home to prepare dinner. Once dinner is over, I will do the dishes and make tea as you need to drink something warm on a cold evening; especially if you were out all day. I make sure that the kitchen and living area in the studio are clean and tidy as it makes the whole evening better.

7:00 pm

At around 7 I will sit down and begin my assignments. At this moment, I have a big design project therefore I spend around an hour or so researching, sketching and doing work that relates to the project.

8:00 pm

My boyfriend and I are tea lovers so after doing some work it is time for another cup of tea. At this point of the evening I light some candles and fairy lights to make the studio more cosy and warm. We would either snack on some fruit or chocolate while we watch Netflix or I would carry on with doing work if I have a lot for the next day.

9:00 pm

If I was wearing makeup that day, this is a perfect time to take it off and put a refreshing face mask on. I then get into my pajamas and get comfortable in bed. For the next hour or so I either read a book or plan my blog for the next week.

10:30 pm

I cannot go to sleep without brushing my teeth and mousturising my face. Once I have done that, I quickly plan what I am going to wear tomorrow and pack for the day ahead. Right before heading to bed, I would also make a list of things to do the following day and plan my meals and work around my timetable.

11:00 pm

I usually try to be in bed before 11 pm each night as I need to get eight hours of sleep in order to function the next day.