autumn reading list

I love books. Once I start reading a book, I can’t put it down. I was one of them ‘geeky’ teenagers (my fellow colleagues probably though I was crazy); I used to read a book or two a week, and when the library day came I was in heaven. Seeing so many books got me so overwhelmed; romance, sci-fi, crime. I read everything (that my age would allow me to, obviously!!) But now once I am at University it is difficult to find some ‘me’ time. I’m always busy doing work, or when I do get some free time I binge watch ‘Friends. (typical, I know).

Yet I want that to change. I want 2019 to be a year when I start reading again. I’m sure I won’t be able to read a book a day (like I used to), but I will aim for at least two or three books a month to start off with. Seems like a possible aim, but can I stick to it?? I HOPE SO!!

Since I decided to start reading once again, I thought I will share with you what books I bought recently (because I personally like knowing what others are reading at the minute.)

milk and honey – rupi kaur

I am pretty sure that everyone has hear of this book, and if you haven’t; where have you been!! I bought this book over a year ago and read it about five times already. It’s a book that contains short poems about; the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. This book is incredible.

diary of an oxygen thief – anonymous

Diary of an oxygen thief is a strange one; I gave this book so many attempts, but I can’t get through half of it. Why? I’m honestly not sure. This book is about an alcoholic and a girl he meets one day. I will try and give it a go this time, and let you know how it was once I’m finished.

the princess diarist – carrie fisher

Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia. Everyone knows who I am talking about (unless you’re not a Star Wars fan; don’t worry I wasn’t one, until my boyfriend made me watch the movies!) This book is a recollection of what happened behind the scenes; poems, notes, thoughts. This is a book I have yet to start reading, yet I can straight away tell that it will be worth the read.

the perks of being a wallflower – stephen chubosky

Dylan O’Brien. Emma Watson. Two big stars who played in a movie based on this book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” This is yet, another book that I am excited to read. I have seen the movie once, a while back but I am old fashioned and believe that books are better than movies.

q and a a day

Technically, this is not a book you can read. This is a journal that lasts for five years; and throughout that time, you answer a different question each day. It makes you think and revaluate your life when you have to answer the same question a year later. Makes you see what has changed, if you think differently, if you have different aims and goals in life. I personally started this journal back in 2016, but unfortunately missed around three months therefore, I want to get back at it. Make it an every day routine.