being 21 and not drinking much

There is this stigma going around that if you don't drink, you're uncool and I hate it. The peer pressure of today's society, friends and social media should not be the reason why you 'have to' drink.

I grew up being told that if I wanted to drink, I can. My parents always told me that they would prefer me to do drink at home rather than in the alleys on the streets but I just never felt the need to do it. I had my first proper drink when I was 17, and believe it or not; I wasn't a fan. Then I turned 18 and things changed a little. I used to go out quite a lot. House parties, clubs and pubs. I found it fun. Drinking made me feel good. I didn't like it but I liked the fact that I could forget about the world for the night and just have fun. I wouldn't say I was a party animal, but I wasn't the sober one either. Couple of years went on and I started University and believe it or not, this is when I stopped drinking.

University is known to be the time for young people to drink, have fun and just let loose; but that wasn't me. I didn't go out to freshers, didn't hang out with my friends... why? I honestly didn't feel the need to. I prefer to stay at home, watch a movie or two and enjoy a headache-free morning the night after.

Am I boring because I don't drink? Some might say I am but that should't be the case. I don't like the pressure teenagers and young adults are put under when it comes to drinking. This is not to say that I don't enjoy a casual glass of wine or a cocktail or two. I just don't tend to get myself into the 'drunk' or ;tipsy' stage. Not because I am uncool, but because I choose not to.