celebrate halloween as an adult

Growing up I never experienced Halloween until we moved to Ireland and since then I love it. But if you are like me and are not a fan of going out and partying, don't worry; I made a list of things you can do instead of going on on Halloween.

Decorate your House

This doesn't mean that your house has to be covered in Halloween decorations. Have little acorns, some leaves or festive balloons up just to add some fun to the house.

Pumpkin Patch

A nice way to spend an evening is to to your local pumpkin patch and collect some pumpkins. If you don't like pumpkins, simply go for the pictures!

Pumpkin Carving

This is probably my most favorite thing about Halloween; carving a pumpkin. You can be so creative with your designs and create amazing pumpkins.

Hunted House

I love scary places so I would totally advice you to go to your nearest hunted house; you'll never forget the experience.

Ghost Stories

Such a simple thing yet can create a spooky atmosphere.


Spend the evening in bed binging Netflix. Light some candles, make hot chocolate and enjoy your movies while you eat up your candy. Some of my all time Halloween movies are:

  • The Addams Family

  • Hocus Pocus

  • HalloweenTown

  • Casper

  • Coraline

  • Monster House

  • Corpse Bride

  • Frankenweenie

  • Twitches

  • Paranorman

  • E.T

  • Zomnie Land

  • Warm Bodies

  • Ghost Busters

  • The Woman in Black

  • Paranormal Activity

I know for sure that I'll be watching movies and enjoying my evening in this Halloween.