christmas preperations 

Christmas. My favourite time of year; not because of the presents, but because my family gets together and the smell of cinnamon and ginger fills the air. I am lucky to be Polish as I adore our traditions and all the good food we make for Christmas.

I flew home for Christmas on Friday the 20th of December along with my auntie and as soon as I landed in Ireland, I could feel the Christmas spirit. Christmas Carollers welcomed everyone in the arrival section of the airport and the cold breeze added to the Christmas excitement.

For the last three days, my family and I have been busy preparing everything for Christmas Eve; from wrapping presents to making dumplings and poppy seed cake.

This year I used brown wrapping paper, string, brown name tags and dried oranges to decorate my presents. The elements are super cheap and easy to get yet the final result is so festive!! 🦌

After a long day today, we have nearly prepared everything; little final things will be finished tomorrow but other than that, we are Christmas ready!