countryside getaway

There is nothing better than spending some time in the countryside; peace, birds and greenery. I have spent the last two weeks with my boyfriend and his family in his hometown in Shropshire. Even though I grew up in the city, I always preferred the countryside lifestyle. Don't get me wrong; I love wearing nice clothes and spending town in the city, but there is something about the country that always drives me in. As a kid I loved climbing trees and going into the forest therefore staying here felt like home to me.

Walking through the forest is something that always brings me back to my childhood. There was a forest right by my grandparents' apartment where as a kid my parents would take me for walks. After moving to Ireland, I missed the forest which is why I think I enjoyed the walk in Shropshire. For a moment everything was quiet and so beautiful. We saw squirrels running around and people taking their dogs for a walk. You could definitely feel a homely atmosphere there.

But the forest isn't the only great thing about this getaway. The house is in a middle of a little road which as a result is quiet. Waking up to birds in the morning was a highlight of the stay. I have never been a cat person; maybe because I have grew up with dogs since I was a baby. We had a cat once for two months, but he was just an evil little thing. I thing he is the reason I was so skeptic when it came to cats but my views changed after meeting Zeus and Blue; my boyfriends cats. I have never experienced so much affection in my life. The first couple of days I've been there, they would not leave me alone! Believe me, I did not mind at all. They would follow me everywhere and just sit on my lap for hours keeping me warm while we watched movies.

While we were here, we also had the opportunity to make our own macaroons which I enjoyed very much so. Well, I enjoyed eating them more. Oh, Jake also made me watch Star Wars... All of them!!! As someone who does not like sci-fi at all, I have to admit that I really liked the movies. Yikes!

Photography Credits: Jacob Rudge