dear diary - entry one

'Dear Diary' entries are a new series that I decided to start and post once every two or three months. The entries will basically be a little life update of mine to share what is going on with my life. Nothing too personal, yet nothing too distant either as I would love to connect with you people. I hope you enjoy the new series, and let's begin!

Let's be honest; life isn't perfect. The last two weeks were tough on me which is why I wasn't writing. My life was packed with deadlines, projects and lost work which caused me to stay away from social media for a while and focus on myself.

First of all, Happy 1st of March!!!

I am 21. I honestly don't know where the time goes. I spent the day with my mum as she came to visit me in Leicester which was quite an experience. We explored the city and it's landmarks; I never realised how beautiful this city really is.

Deadlines got to me. I had a two week project at University therefore I barely had time for myself. Doing 9 to 6 everyday (including Saturday and Sunday for two weeks straight) can be exhausting for everyone, but hey! That's the choice I made and I guess that's what my future will look like so I better prepare myself.

A new project is also on the way; a student hotel. If you would like to see my progress, follow me on Instagram @Paulina.Designs .

I am trying to be healthier. I mean, I try to eat healthy whenever I can but I know I have to limit myself on snacks, and sugary foods so that's something I have to work on. It's not helping that yesterday was 'Fat Thursday' (a polish tradition) and 'Pancakes Tuesday' is just around the corner!!

I am planning to start jogging when the weather gets a little better as I know it is something I will enjoy so stay tuned for the updates.

I think that is it when it comes to what happened within the last two months. I am really excited for these series and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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