dear diary - entry two

If you tend to read my blog every week, you might realise that I haven't posted in two weeks for which I would like to apologise but due to the fact that I had two big deadlines this week, I did not have the time to get anything prepared.

March and April went by so quickly. I went home for three weeks during Easter which was such a nice break from work. (You can read all about my Easter and what I did here). When I came back to England, I had two weeks until my big deadline so the past few weeks have just been me doing work none-stop.

Now that I am finally done with University, I can focus more on my blog so expect to see a new blog post every Friday! I also have a new series starting soon which I am soooo excited about.

I know that this is probably the shortest blog post I have done, but this is basically what I have been up to for the past two months.