dogs and diabetes

"We might have to put Phoebe down," - That is not something you want to hear on a Monday morning. My mum called me on the 7th and told me that our family dog might have to be put down. She has been diagnosed with diabetes just over a month ago and started to go blind. She's only 10 I thought. Crying to my mum I booked flights for next week and was ready to say goodbye to my best friend. Luckily, the test results came back and it was a false alarm, yet here I am... on a Friday evening at home with my beloved dog cuddling me while I write this.


I honestly did not know that dogs could have diabetes until Phoebe got it. The vets said we came a little late but how were we supposed to know? The vet informed us that there are many ways to notice that your dog might have diabetes and these include:

I mean yes, Phoebe was drinking much but it was the middle of summer and super hot so I would have never guessed that she could be having diabetes.

Since finding out that she is diabetic, she has also lost her sight which is heartbreaking. When I first saw her begging for food while nobody was around or searching for toys it broke my heart, but she is managing so well!

I am not really sure where I am going with this post but I just had to pour my heart out.