draw my life

Draw my life has been a challenge going around the internet for a while now; mostly created by Youtubers. I decided to add a twist to it and make it into a post. Even though I did do A-level art, please excuse my drawings; I know they are not amazing.

I was born on the 27th February 1998 in a city called Gdynia, Poland. My mother had a dog called Carat and he would not leave my side while I was growing up. My parents and I lived with my grandparents which meant I grew up being really close to them. Then at the age of four, my parents bought their first apartment together on the 9th floor. The view from the balcony was outstanding; you could clearly see the sea. A couple of months after moving to the apartment, my little brother Damian was born. While he was little, I used to go to my grandparents and stay at theirs a lot as I missed spending time with them. A year later, my other brother Szymon was born.

My dad got a job offer in Wales and moved there. At the age of six I started primary school and once I turned seven, I started attending a private English school once a week. My mum would walk me to school every morning and her or my grandparents would collect me.

After about a year, my dad moved to Northern Ireland and our family moved there in August 2006. Just a month after moving countries, my brother and I started primary school in a local village. It was something new to me; new people, uniforms, new language. Even though I had English classes back in Poland, I didn't really understand a lot. That same year, I had my First Holy Communion and learnt more English throughout the years. At the age of 11, I had my Confirmation. Throughout primary school I didn't really have many friends.

We used to travel a lot around Ireland visiting famous landmarks. Throughout the years we moved a lot since we rented our houses. Then we finally moved to a house where we lived for eight years. Once we settled down in the new house, my parents got us a puppy; a little border collie. I called her Phoebe and I remember feeding her Cookie Crisp cereal the first day we got her. In September 2010 I started High School where I met my friend Ciara.

For the next couple of years, I studied hard and started going to Youth Groups that gave me an opportunity for me to travel to Krakow for a week along with other students. I finished my GCSE's and decided to do Art and Design, ICT and Business Studies for A-levels. Results day came and I got accepted to DMU in Leicester to study Interior Design. In September 2017 I moved all the way to England by myself to study my desired course. That is where I met my current boyfriend Jake, who I talked to for four years before meeting him in real life.

Now I am about to start my second year of University. I fly back home to Ireland whenever I can as I do get homesick. I am planning to set up an Interior Design company in the future, but for now I am still learning.

Drawn using the Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro *

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