first week back

Where has the summer gone? It literally feels like I had no summer or break away from Uni; and even though it has been fun, I really just wanna get back into the swing of doing work and finishing my degree. As I a going into third year, my timetable is so empty throughout the week, but I know I have to put in the hours outside uni in order to get my work done.

Here's a little look into how my week went.


Going back to uni means one thing: getting up early. I am not an early person so getting up at 7 am was not something I enjoyed but after a cup of coffee and some porridge, I was ready to start the day.

09.00 am - 11.00 am - Lecture (Introduction to modules)

Who doesn't like an early 9 am lecture on a Monday morning? Believe me, I forgot how tired I was and how much there was to go through. The lecture consisted of my tutors introducing us (the third years) to our modules and assignments. My stress levels were so high I ended up getting a headache and spending the rest of the morning and afternoon in bed, while sipping tea and surviving on sinus tablets.


Morning consisted of me going over my presentation, reading a book on Sustainable Design and preparing dinner for later. I also went through my samples that I recently ordered and just tried to came up with a consistent theme for my project.

02.00 pm - 04.00 pm - Presentation (Presenting my Major Design Project ideas to my tutors)

Tuesday meant only one thing for me: PRESENTATION TIME. We had to present our concepts and ideas to our tutors and fellow colleagues which I usually don't mind but somehow right before my presentation my heart began to beat so fast that I panicked and said whatever came to my mind. Which lets be honest did not make sense at all.

I was still feeling the stress and my headache has followed me from Monday so the evening was slow and lazy. I managed to watch 'The Great British Bake Off' because let's be honest... who does't love that show! Am I right?!


Wednesday was my day off but that didn't mean I didn't do anything. I spent the day working on my sketchbook and cutting out 100+ images (because who doesn't do that for fun, ey?) and that is basically how my day went. Oh, Interior Design Masters final was on at 8 so I had to watch that, of course!

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Thursday was another early morning. I knew I didn't have a session till 4 pm but I wanted to go in and actually do work instead of chilling at home and getting nothing done. Unfortunatel.y I do want to apologise as I took zero photographs that day. I spent the whole day working on my Feasibility Report for my Major Design Project (which isn't as fun as it sounds).

04.00 pm - 06.00 pm - Practical (CAD Session)

At 4 pm I had a CAD session that lasted two hours. I basically continued with my work as the tutor was there to help and guide us if we needed her.

I was home by 6 pm, made myself some dinner and decided that I will not do any work today as doing 10 hours was enough.


Happy Friday! Another day off within the week which means another day of working from home. I woke up and started doing work at 10 am (a little late, I know). And by work I mean that I carried on with my Feasibility Report. I have done 1,500+ words within one day so I am really proud of myself. (only 3,500 to go!)

Right now it is 6 pm, I just had my dinner and after doling 7 hours of work, I think I can safely stop for today. I was aiming for 8 hours but I guess I'll just add that hour to either Saturday or Sunday. Yikes!!

* Featured products have been kindly gifted to me.