gdynia, poland

Warm weather, long walks, the smell of the sea and touch of sand; these words describe my hometown, Gdynia. Gdynia is a port city located on the North coast of Poland in case you don't know where it is. Is is a city known for having the biggest film festivals in Poland and is a part of tricity along with Gdansk and Sopot. But why am I mentioning this city? Every time I read an article about where in Poland you should visit the city that comes up is Krakow yet we have so much more beautiful towns worth visiting and Gdynia is one of them.

I loved growing up in this city; we used to live in a flat on the 9th floor and even though we lived around 4 miles away from the actual beach, we still had beautiful views from the balcony. As a child, I used to love the beach; walking on the sand all day long, swimming in the Baltic sea and making memories. Even walking in the Autumn and Winter used to be mesmerising; the atmosphere, the people. After moving to Ireland when I was eight, the beach is something that I have missed so much therefore when I go back to Poland, the beach is a place I want to go to straight away.

Gdynia as well as Sopot and Gdansk have so much to offer; since all three cities are located near the sea they are popular tourist attractions. So I thought it would be useful if I listed a couple of attractions in each city that are worth visiting. ❤


  • Dar Pomorza

  • Museum of Polish Navy

  • Bay of Puck

  • Orlowo Pier

  • Kosciuszki Square


  • Long Lane

  • Long Market

  • Motlawa

  • National Maritime Museum

  • Golden Gate

  • Old Town

  • St. Mary's Church


  • Sopot Lighthouse

  • Sopot Pier

  • Oliwa Cathedral

  • Krzywy Domek

  • Monte Cassino Street

  • Opera Lesna