i am christmas ready

Happy Saint Nicolas Day! Today is the 6th of December which means it is finally acceptable to talk about Christmas and start feeling even more festive than before. In Poland on the 6th of December, children receive small gifts from Santa which makes them excited for Christmas Eve. In my region, children need to clean and shine their boots the night before, and when they wake up in the morning, they can expect chocolate and sweets in them.

This year my godmother (my dad’s sister) is flying over to spend Christmas with us which I am so eager for as I haven’t seen her in almost two years! I have already done some Christmas shopping and preparation which makes me more thrilled for Christmas every day. I was thinking about doing a little ‘blogmas’ here yet because I have so many deadlines coming up, I decided to write two blogs a week (one will be released on Tuesday and the other on Friday, per usual) and I have already planned out what I am going to post and I hope you all enjoy my upcoming content.

I am looking forward to these Christmas series and can’t wait to share these posts with you guys. If you don’t know, I have recently created a TikTok account where I post Interior Design related content and will start Christmas series over there soon so make sure to check it out!!