Instagrammable spots in Prague

Before heading to Prague I did some research on where to go to get amazing pictures for Instagram; and I was not disappointed. After visiting the city not that long ago, I decided to write a post on the most Instagrammable spots in Prague; keep in mind that the whole time I was in Prague it was either raining or it was super windy so taking really good photos was a challenge. Oh, and tourists everywhere made shots difficult as well.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the most iconic location in Prague so don't be surprised if it gets busy. We walked through the bridge at 10 am one day and took another stroll at 6 pm and believe me; the 10 am walk was so peaceful. Of course there were tourists taking photos every 5 meters, but the later you go the busier it gets. At 6 pm it was almost impossible to move around!

Tip: Remember to capture views from both sides of the bridge! 

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square has so many picturesque spots that you won't know where to look. The Square gets quite busy but it is still possible to get beautiful shots.

Astronomical Clock

While walking around the Old Town Square, you definitely won't miss the Astronomical Clock. The area around the clock gets really busy around the full hour as that's when the clock chimes and the mechanical performance takes place.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is a MUST SEE if you want amazing photographs. From the views on the hill, to the Castle itself, there is so much to see and photograph.

Do remember that this location also gets really busy so getting there in the morning will allow you to take plenty of images as less tourists will be there; it starts to get really busy around lunch time!

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a perfect example of Gothic architecture; its big glass windows let so much colourful light inside creating spectacular images.

It is one of Prague's most visited locations so be prepared for a lot of people visiting it at the same time as you! When outside the Cathedral, do not forget to take a shot of the beautiful doors!

Tip: We purchased the Prague Castle - Circuit A ticked which included St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, exhibition "The Story of Prague Castle", St. George's Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower and Rosenberg Palace and I can honestly say it was worth the £6. 

Golden Lane

Golden Lane is a medieval street lined with colorful houses that were once occupied bu the castle guards and the servants of goldsmiths. When we got to the street I wasn't too impressed; I read so much about it and thought it will blow me away but in reality, the houses were converted into souvenir shops which takes away from the beauty of the street.

However, if you want to take 'cute' and colourful photographs, this is a place to go; but do remember it gets quite hectic around lunch time!

Ah, yes. Just a reminder that not all of your pictures will be insta perfect (example above) but that doesn't mean you should delete them - I always keep ALL of my photos; even the unflattering one. It's nice to look back at them in a while and remember the story behind it - this is me getting annoyed with Jake as there was a group of people waiting to get past, I was cold and in the end I did not take an insta worthy image.

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon wall is located in the Lesser Town and it is hidden between narrow streets however, it is so worth visiting! The wall is wide so can accommodate a lot of people at the same time.

We only had to wait about two minutes to take our pictures and it was quite quiet when we went there.

Latna Park

Letna is a hill overlooking Prague and the Vltava River. At the top of the hill, there is a beer garden where you can take a break before taking stunning panoramic pictures of the city itself.

Dancing House

I'm pretty sure that if you're planning a trip to Prague you have heard of the Dancing House. There is a crossing right in front of the building which acts as a great spot to take pictures; we however went there at Lunch time and it was busy and packed with tourists so I didn't get a proper picture outside of it!

Jerusalem Synagogue

The Jerusalem Synagogue is one of Prague's most colourful buildings. It is located on a side street on the way to the National Museum and it is quite easy to miss.

Right now there are constructions being made so taking a nice picture could be a challenge; also remember it opens up from 10 am and its only £3.00 to enter so I would definitely recommend!

The National Museum

The National Museum is Czech's biggest and most famous museum. The exterior is so beautiful and acts as a perfect backdrop for images.

Tip: We didn't manage to go inside but remember than in Prague you need to buy a photography license (it is around £1.80) in order to take pictures inside famous building such as the National Museum or the Prague Castle itself. 


The Municipal Library of Prague

The Municipal Library is known for its book tunnel; there are mirrors at the top and bottom of the tunnel which creates an infinity effect which results in taking pretty awesome pictures.

Tip: We got lost and couldn't find the tunnel; to get to it, go through the last door of the Library and it will be right in front of you!

The Food

You cannot forget about instagramming your favourite street food and meals from Prague! (A blog post on where to eat in Prague will we up soon)

The Streets

I cannot even describe how beautiful the streets of Prague are. Everywhere you go and every street you turn into, there are courtyards and buildings that are worth photographing so do explore the nearby streets and alleys you wouldn't think of walking into!

So here you go, here are my top 14 places you HAVE TO SEE when visiting Prague!

If you have any recommendations, do not be afraid to share in the comments below.