it's okay to feel homesick

I think that we've all been there; felt lost or missed home for one reason or another. And that's okay. It is normal to miss your family when you haven't seen them in a while. Small things like a certain smell, song or phrase can trigger these feelings when we least expect it. As someone who has moved to England by myself over a year ago, I know how it feels.

You can be in a room full of people, yet you still feel alone and lost. Your heartbeat increases and in some cases you could even experience a panic attack. You might not know that what you are feeling at that exact moment is actually homesickness. I feel like this topic is not talked about enough. People see homesickness as a weakness or a thing that comes and goes within a day or two; but in reality it is not like that.

Homesickness can cause disturbed eating and sleeping patterns as well as feeling sad, nervous or nauseous. A little thing can trigger that feeling, which can also result in anger and frustration which could lead to more serious things like arguments or even hurting yourself. As someone who has been effected by homesickness, I know what it feels like. To sit in your room right after dinner and seeing a message from your parents pop up. To walk into a shop by yourself and feel dazed and confused because it reminds you of home. Feeling like everything is too much and you just want to sit and cry. And that is perfectly normal.

Sometimes it is better to cry and let it all out instead of holding these feelings in because as soon as you let them tears drop, you will feel so much better. I am not saying that it will pass immediately, because lets face it: it won't. I have lived away from home for over a year and I still get homesick when I least expect it.

Homesickness in my opinion is quite a serious issue. Might not seem like that, but statistics say that 94% of first year University students report low levels of distress homesickness. This could also have a negative impact on your learning as homesickness could lead to mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. If you suffer from homesickness, just know that you are not alone.