Updated: Sep 27, 2018

For as long as I remember, London has been a cosmopolitan city, yet it only occurred to me how beautiful the city actually is when I finally got a chance to visit it The little narrow streets really showed off the aesthetic image of the city. The buildings that surrounded London were breathtaking. The posh rich lifestyle that I have witnessed and lived by for a whole week has definitely changed the way I look at London and the people who live there. Chaos. Noise. Pollution. As a city girl myself, I do find myself living in a town like this but since I spent most of my teenage in the countryside I have to admit it; I am so unused to this busy lifestyle.

The underground was a place that I found the most mysterious throughout my whole trip. The heat coming from the underground, people running to catch a train. Children crying. People laughing. The Underground was probably the only place where I could think and be myself. As soon as you leave the train, you're back to the hectic life that you're enclosed by every day. But the strangest thing? The fact that people in London don't communicate. And don't get me wrong; this is not due to the language barrier. It's just how the city functions. People don't smile at you. Don't say hello. They're just so busy with what is going on in their life that everything else doesn't matter.

Throughout my week spent in London, I have also realised how diverse and touristic the city is. Yes, most of the places I went to were attractions and famous landmarks; but London did not seem like what it does in pictures. It is so much different than what we see on the postcards, Instagram posts, and Snapchat stories. London is so much more than that. I fell in love with the city. Not because it’s London. Not because of the famous landmarks. It's the little things. The smiles and happy faces I saw each day. The posh atmosphere. The traffic. The busy people and their lifestyles. The city itself.