make the most of your evening

Oh, I am so excited for autumn! Especially for the long cold evenings; but what can we do on a chilly September evening to make sure we're making the most of our late afternoon!?


The best way to start your evening is to get pampered up. Take a shower or a bath, put a face mask on and exfoliate. You'll feel so much better once you're fresh and relaxed. Lately I have been loving the Orangutan Style body butter*; it is a combination of shea butter and coconut oil and omg, it smells AMAZING! Believe it or not, I have been using their body butter for three weeks now and my skin feels better than ever before; this must relate to the fact that their whole range is made our of 100% natural ingredients. I am definitely sold on the body butter and I hope to explore with more products soon!!

If you want to have a little look-around on their website, here's the link: OrangutanStyle

Oh, and don't forget that they donate 10% of all their profits to the preservation of orangutans and their natural habitats.


aka my favourite time of the evening.

There is absolutely nothing better than getting into your pj's, putting a movie on and jumping into fresh fitted sheets. Am I right!? Whether it's that, or sitting under a blanket near a fireplace watching Bake Off with your family. Everyone has a different definition of 'cosy' and that's okay. It's just important that you manage to get some 'me' time and un-stress for an evening.


I have recently partnered up with The Drinks Bakery to try out their biscuits* that complement alcoholic drinks. I am not a party animal myself, yet I do like a glass of wine or some cider in the evening and I don't know how I used to drink without having these biscuits to snack on. They are so delicate, and work amazingly with the drink they are matched for. If you like having a snack with your drink, but want something new; this is definitely your go to!

* Featured products have been kindly gifted to me.