morning routine as a student

Let's be honest, it is that time of year again where when you wake up in the morning it is so cold and dark that you just want to spend the whole day in bed. It has been a struggle for me to get up in morning but I have found a routine that works for me and it makes my life that little bit easier.

7.00 am

Everyday I set my alarm for 7.00am (except for the weekend) and I then spend the next 20 minutes scrolling through my emails and social media so that I can be set for the day. The next step is to get up and make myself a nice warm cup of coffee that will wake me up.


Time to wash my face and make myself look more like a human than a zombie. Since mornings in England are currently really cold, I will put my heating on for an hour just so my flat heats up a little bit.


Breakfast time. I cannot leave the flat without eating something in the morning. I tend to do a quick breakfast in autumn such as porridge or an omlette as it is warm and filling so it keeps me full until lunchtime.

This post is actually a collaboration with Linwoods*. Growing up in Northern Ireland, I lived on Linwoods food and I have been obsessed with their seeds since the start. Whenever I have porridge, I'd add some banana, honey and Linwoods seeds it as it makes it taste so much better. Their seeds are a good source of Calcium, Iron and Magnesium and since it is getting cold, it is important to make sure that our bodies are getting all the vitamins and food sources it needs to fight off bacteria and to stay healthy.

Today I went for the Milled Organic Flaxseed, Cocoa and Mulberries blend which is actually my favourite. As well as porridge I add it to smoothies, yoghurts and even soups as it is nutritious and flaxeed naturally enhances the fibre content within meals so if you are not good with eating your 5-a-day, flaxeed can provide all needed nutrients needed to sustain your healthy diet.

8.00 am

Time to brush my teeth and start getting dressed for the day. I don't spend long picking my outfit and I usually just brush my hair and I'm ready to go which saves me so much time in the morning.

8.15 am

If I am having a long day at University, this is when I prepare my lunch for today as I like it to be fresh.

8.30 am

After making sure my bag is packed and that I have everything I leave for university. I do only live 5 minutes away from uni but I like to be early so that I can start the day without stress.

And that's it. If I work from home, I tend to have the same routine and I start my work at 9 so that I can work efficiently and effectively. This routine works best for me but that doesn't mean that it'll be great for you too... you have to find a routine that is best for you!

* Featured products have been kindly gifted to me.