moving out, two years later

We all go through this phase; the phase of moving out. It can happen when you're 16, 23 or 52 yet the feeling will always be the same...

I moved out of my family home over two years ago; and it wasn't because I wanted to, it's because I HAD TO. Securing a place at a university in England forced me to pack all of my belongings into six cardboard boxes, two suitcases and away I went. I remember when the thought of moving out wanted to make me cry; now when I visit my family, it doesn't feel the same. I still feel the love my family has for me when I visit, but since all of my belongings are somewhere else, it feels more like a house than a home.

I know, some of you might be reading this thinking I'm mad but wait till you move out. I am very close with my family and the thought of moving out was unbearable but guess what, I did it and I guess I wouldn't change it for a thing. If it wasn't for university, I don't know when I would find the courage to move out.

After spending one year in shared student accommodation and then a year and a house in a studio by myself, I feel like I am getting better at being away from home. Believe me, I still message my parents asking them the most silly things but I am happy with where I am right now.

The advantage of me moving out was the fact that Jake (my boyfriend) was there with me from the start. He was someone I could talk to when I felt down and homesick. Homesickness affected me a lot within my first year of being away from home. (I wrote a little post on my homesickness experience last year which you can read here).

I am now 22, I live by myself and strangely I can't imagine moving back with my parents; it's not that they are strict or I that I hate it - I had a lot of freedom growing up and I think since moving out I just find it difficult even when I visit to find my place.

I feel so lucky to have had an opportunity to study abroad and learn how to adult at just 19. I feel more like an adult now that I moved out, and I wouldn't change it. Moving out feels scary at the start, but you feel the benefits in the long run.