my getaway place

I truly believe that everyone has a place they love; where they go when they want to think or be alone. My definition of a getaway place is a place where I can truly be myself; a place I want to get back to.

My getaway place is where I spent every summer while growing up. Surrounding by trees, far away from a main road, located literally in the middle of nowhere; my parents' holiday home. The house is located in a forest; surrounded by nothing but trees, fields, rivers and lakes. That is where I learnt how to swim; where I met my first friend. A place where our whole family met to have a BBQ and sing songs in the middle of a warm summer day. Having a picnic by the lake where we swam all day long until it got dark outside.

I remember the beautiful sunrise in the morning. Our house looked out onto an open forest where the sun rose. Sometimes if we got up early enough we could see a deer or little rabbits hopping around. And the sunset was even more wonderful; it overlooked the lake therefore we would sometimes stay there just to see the sunset.

Waking up at 6 am and going to the forest to pick wild mushrooms (don't worry, we know which ones are edible) with my dad is something I used to do quite a lot; or going to pick raspberries and blueberries along with my mum and granny yet not liking it so instead I used to help the bugs cross the bumpy sand road and watch ants carry things into their nests. Oh, how I was fascinated by ants. One of our neighbours there (he was a family friend) and I used to feed ants sugar cubes and see them carry the cubes back to their nest.

This is my getaway place; a place where I feel free and where I can do what I want. The place does not have internet which in my opinion is good as it allows you to really enjoy the wildlife and the scenery. I am writing this blog while I'm sitting here enjoying the great scenery and smell of freshly cut grass. I cannot imagine being anywhere else right now.