Pinterest growth in less than a Month

Pinterest is an amazing platform but I know it can be difficult to work out how it works. That is why I decided to share what I did to increase my engagement and go from 60k viewers to over 300k in less than a month.

* I did read Kerrie Legend's 'Grow your Interior Design Business: Learn Pinterest Strategy' book that I would definitely recommend.


The first thing I recommend you do, is change your Pinterest account to a Business one. Changing to a Business account will give you access to all the analytics tools you will need to see how your pins are doing; it will also allow you to control your branding and give you an option to promote your pins.

The Analytics section also let's you export your data in an Excel format which is super useful if you are working for someone on advertising their pins.


The next step; claiming your website. If you have a blog like me, claiming your website is definitely something you should do asap. This features gives you access to your website analytics so that you can see how well your pins are performing, the demographics of your users and much more.


Make sure you only have boards that are relevant to your niche.. If you have boards that stand out such as my 'Disney' one - out it on private. That way you don't loose your Pins but they're also not showing up on your profile which will increase your engagement. Have around 15 boards related to your niche. If you are a beauty blogger, have boards like 'Skincare' 'Hairstyles' 'Makeup' etc... and make sure you save relevant Pins in the correct boards.

Use straightforward names for your board - as silly as that sounds, some people come up with unbelievable names that in their eyes are poetic or unique, but you have to remember that your board name is what the user will see when searching for a specific thing - so if you have a fashion based Pinterest, name your board 'maxi dresses' instead of 'm.a.x.i d.r.e.s.s.e.s' because you already know which one will be more searchable.

Have at least 15 to 100 pins in each board; as you grow on Pinterest your account will grow but if you're starting from scratch; aim for 15 Pins in each board.


Let's show you an example; these are my most recent pins (excuse the views, I haven't used any SEO or keywords just to show you the difference that makes)

I have created a number of similar Pins that link to the same blog post of mine. I know some people I follow only post one Pin that links to their specific post and think it'll go viral; it doesn't work that way. You have to create at least 6 - 10 Pins that link to that specific post. WHY? Because the Pinterest algorithm is so unpredictable that one of your Pins (using the same SEO) could get 25 views while another one will get 100k+ views.

I usually create around 12 pins per blog post and I schedule two a day for the next six days, so that when my next blog post comes out on Friday, new Pins appear.


I think the timing of posting your Pins is so important. I have been on Pinterest for years now (I used it in my GCSE's for art inspiration) but haven't really used it properly till January and it took me ages to figure out the right time for me to post my Pins. But I'l share it with you; the times that work best for me are:

  • 04.00 am (GMT)

  • 10.00 am (GMT)

  • 06.00 pm (GMT)

That doesn't mean your pins will also be successful at those times, but every single time I schedule my Pins on those specific times, my views and link clicks are better.


Scheduling two posts a day simply won't give you the engagement you are after; you have to Pin throughout the day. I tend to Pin around 20 Pins in the morning, 20 more in the afternoon and 20+ before bed. - why those times?

You probably already know this but when you Pin throughout the day, you are more likely to be noticed by others - it's similar to Instagram stories; you never post 10 stories in a row and then leave it until the next day; you spread them out throughout the day which is exactly what you need to be doing with your Pins.


Pinterest is a search engine meaning that people type in a keyword and search for results; which is why your keywords are important!! You have to make sure that you use relevant and niched-down titles and descriptions. You will most likely use similar keywords in the title and description which is fine; that will increase your chances of getting noticed.

Take for example my pin; I used the exact same keywords in the title and the descriptions meaning that it will be twice as likely to pop up when someone searches for 'Grow Instagram'

Another tip is to add keywords to your profile name; it makes your profile more searchable So if you're a lifestyle blogger, put it in your name and description section - believe me, it makes such a difference.


Hashtags; do they really work?

The answer is YES. Hashtags on Pinterest work just like they do on Instagram or Twitter but so many people forget to use them. They can be one word, or multiple words together but remember that you cannot use spaces or punctuation in hashtags. If you are for example wanting to hashtag Friday Night In - I would advise you to capitalize each word so that it would be better for readability - just take a look:

#fridaynightin #FridayNightIn

With the second hashtag you straight away know what it says.

TIP: You will only get hashtag suggestions when creating a new pin in the mobile app - the desktop version does not support that feature.

Try and create your own hashtag like your name which will create a brand for you. As you can see below, my 'Disney Checklist' Pin is the first thing that comes up when you search 'Disney Watch...' I added the hashtag #PaulinaStelmach to my list so that it also gets exposure.

* This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links

And there you have it. This is how I managed to grow my engagement in June. i do hope this is somewhat helpful :) Is there a strategy you use that I haven't mentioned? I'd love to know what you do to increase your engagement.

If you fancy following me; here is my Pinterest - I Pin everything about interior design and lifestyle.

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