reflecting on 2019

2019 has been a year full of changes, happiness but also some sad news. I haven't achieved all my resolutions this year but hopefully 2020 will be even better!


I flew back home after spending the whole Christmas at home in Ireland.

My first deadline of second year approached so the first two weeks were busy.


I got a surprise visit from my mum who decided to visit me in Leicester. I feel like for the first time ever I got to have daughter-mother time as usually my dad and brothers would go with us everywhere, We were like tourists in Leicester, exploring the town for four days.

27th of February; the day I turned 21.


Since my friends weren't there for my 21st, we decided to go out at the beginning of March. Don't really get why turning 21 is so amazing, I literally feel the same!


Easter time. I flew home to spend Easter with my family.


May meant loads of deadlines and finally finishing my second year of University!


Jake began his placement at the end of June which meant that it was time for him to move out.

We also spend a day in London exploring the city and going to a meeting which was a great day. Looking forward to visit to the city again soon.


I spent the whole of July in Ireland with my family. During that time we managed to go to Belfast for a day. I am redesigning the Grand Hotel in Belfast for my Major Design Project at University so I got an opportunity to visit the hotel during my time in the city.


In August I flew home and spent two weeks at Jake's. During that time we went to a family party where I got to meet his whole family for the first time.


I got a job as a receptionist and a student coordinator at my accommodation.

My blog turned one.

Jake and I had our two year anniversary. It was difficult to celebrate it as we were apart but that's okay. Getting used to long distance was a difficult one this month.


October meant starting University; my final year.

My friends and I started our own 'Bake-off' which was so much fun. Having someone else bake something new each Friday motivated me to go into University on my day off.

October also brought me some sad news; Phoebe (our border collie) got diagnosed with diabetes and started to loose her sight. The results weren't too good at the start and we were worried she might be put down which is why I flew home; however, her liver and diabetes are under control. She is blind but she is managing well so that's good news.


In November, I traveled to see Jake quite a bit.

I got more shifts at work which meant 9-5's were happening almost every day.

My first deadline at uni approached which was super stressful but we got there.


December aka Christmas time.

Spent the month decorating my accommodation, shopping for Christmas presents and wrapping over 160 presents.

12th of December came and I had lunch with my friends after handing in my uni project which was then followed by a staff night out; mini-golfing, cocktails and Nando's.

I went to Jake's for a week and then flew home where I spend Christmas and NYE.

2019 went by so quickly. I had to get used to living by myself, my dog went blind and I started my final year of uni. Obviously I didn't mention EVERYTHING but just the main big things. My mental health was affected and homesickness was a thing, but I got through it. I wouldn't change a thing.

I hope you all had an amazing 2019 and I wish you the best for 2020!!