salted caramel hot chocolate

What's better than a perfect hot chocolate on a cold winter night? Recently I have been obsessed with salted caramel and I came across this recipe that I absolutely love! Its a salted caramel hot chocolate...

  • 500 ml of semi-skimmed milk

  • 100g of dark chocolate

  • 1 tablespoon of salted caramel

(Optional) whipped cream, salted caramel sauce and chocolate shards to on top for decoration

  • Put the milk, chocolate and salted caramel into a saucepan and stir over a low heat. Cook until everything has melted, and the mixture is hot.

  • Pour into mugs.

  • Add whipped cream and drizzle the caramel sauce and chocolate on top for decoration.

  • Enjoy!

It is such an easy yet yummy recipe that keeps you warm on these cold nights! If you want to mix it up a little bit and make it a 'sea salted caramel hot chocolate' simply add a dash of sea salt to the saucepan when cooking the milk and it will give it that sea salt taste.