staying calm when deadlines approach

Let's face it; we all feel a little stressed when our deadlines are approaching, especially our final exams and hand ins. We try and find different ways to calm down and relax but the truth is, we are all different therefore something that works on me, might not be the right solution for you. I decided to write down the main six ways YOU could stay calm during this intense deadline season; so, let's begin.


My number one rule when I have a deadline due soon, is that I make a list of everything I need to do before the hand in date. I use different coloured pens and highlighters to separate my modules and projects so that I know what needs to be done. Writing a date beside your module title could also be beneficial as it will help you realise how much time you have left.

If you find this helpful, another thing you could do is write out a daily goal meaning that on Monday you'll do this, on Tuesday that and so on. It makes you motivated and helps you get your work done on time.


I see this every time; students running around our design studio like headless chickens an hour or two before our deadline because the printer is jammed or they forgot to do something for their sketchbook. Please, do not be one of them people. As soon as you get your new project or assignment, take 30 minutes to read through it and write down everything that will be needed to handed in. This will create less stress and might get you to working faster.

Starting early also means that if you are stuck or do not understand something, teachers and tutors will be more likely to help you as they see that you are really involve din the assignment.


This is probably the most important point out of all six; stay hydrated. People tend to forget to drink while they are working which is bad because it will make you more tired. Whether it is coffee, water or juice; make sure to drink 2 liters of fluids a day, especially close to deadlines and if you are staying up at night.


Getting enough sleep is another important point. We need sleep in order to be energetic and motivated so do not start skipping sleep. You can wake up earlier and do work, or simply stay up an hour or two longer than usual but do not stay up all night. If this happens to you close to deadlines, then it is obvious that you are leaving everything for the last minute.


Turn your phone on silent or turn the Wi-Fi off. Phones tend to be the biggest distractions when it comes to studying. A friend could send you a silly MEME and then an hour later you will find yourself staring at an Instagram post of your ex from three years ago, Believe me, I know it is hard to study and do work, but once you get in the zone you won't even realise how fast the time will fly.


Make sure to take breaks every once in a while in order to refresh your brain a little. I usually take a break every hour or two for ten minutes; a toilet break, refill my water and get some snacks break. It is needed especially if you are sitting in one position throughout your studying. Get up, move your body around.

As mentioned at the start, everyone has a different method to stay calm; whether it is drinking tea, listening to music or studying with friends. I am not saying that any of these ways are wrong. I just wanted to share my six ways of keeping calm during deadline season.