things i wish i knew before starting uni

Your student loan will NOT cover all your costs

I know that might be hard to believe but the amount of money you get from your student load is not really that much; in some cases the loan might not even cover the accommodation costs. If you have a part time job during University, you might be saved but if you don't, you have to save every penny to get through the year and even then it might be tight. Make a little budget spreadsheet (I talked about it in my previous blog) and stick to it!

Look after yourself

Your health is important therefore you have to make sure that you have to take care of yourself. Eat enough, keep hydrated and make sure that you get some exercise. If you feel stressed or anxious, do not be afraid to ask for help; you are not the only one feeling this way. This also relates my next point.

You will get homesick

At some point during your stay at University (especially if you are studying abroad or away from home) you will feel a little homesick but that's understandable. You are by yourself and missing home is normal so do not feel stressed or freaked out about it. Others feel just the same as you!

First year doesn't count

What that means is that even though first year does not go towards your final grade, you still need 40% to pass it. This doesn't mean that you can start skipping classes. First year is like a foundation to your course; everything that is essential for your second and third year of study will be explained in your first year. Just because first year assignments don't go towards your final grade doesn't mean that they aren't important.

Talk to older students

Make friends with older students from your course; they know what the tutors expect. They have been through everything that you are about to do so they will be able to help and give you little tips. Even if you are a little shy; gather some courage and talk to a second year. You will benefit so much.

Make friends

This might sound so obvious but try and make friends within the first week or two. Everyone is in the same position as you so don't be afraid to make the first move. They might also know something you don't which will make your course so much easier.

Use your time wisely

Do not leave your assignments to the last minute. If you get a task to do, do it straight away. You will get so much work throughout the year and leaving it all to the last minute could cost you a grade or two.