what being in a relationship taught me

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

As someone who has been leading a single life until I was 19, I have learned so much by being in a relationship for almost a year. I am in a happy place right now, with someone who understand me and knows how to cheer me up; but it is not always rainbows and butterflies. For that reason I decided to write about the ten things I learnt since being in a relationship.

Arguments will happen

Arguments are inevitable; whether it is over something stupid like where to go for a date night or a disagreement about something serious. But arguments make us stronger. Every healthy relationship will argue over silly things, but it is important to make sure that it does not drift you apart.

The romance wont die; it will change

I guess I could call myself lucky as I live with my current boyfriend yet I had people tell me that it is unhealthy since it will just make us drive each other nuts; which is not really true. We have been living together for almost a year now yet our chemistry has not changed a lot. We might not be romantic in a sense that we go on dates once a week or give each other gifts all the time, but we share our feelings in a different way. If you live with your partner, you will be in their company 24/7 which means that being romantic could be quite hard.


Agreeing and compromising is so difficult!!! Throughout our relationship we had to make so many compromises which I was not used to. I lived in a house where my parents weren't too strict, which meant that I didn't had to explain where I'm going and when I'll be back once I turned 18. But being in a relationship is so much different. All plans have to be talked through as it might not suit the other person, shopping trips are planned a week ahead and even then sometimes it might not suit.


I never had problems when it comes to communication. I met my current boyfriend online and we have been talked for almost four years before we met in person. We always had a good connection and knew what to talk about therefore even now it is not hard yet it is different.

Having someone to talk to about everything

I always found trusting people really difficult which meant talking about sensitive subjects really hard for me. Being in a relationship allowed me to talk about my feelings and personal issues openly. Having someone you can talk to about anything is important as you cannot hold all your feelings inside.


I have always been an honest person. I hate lying. I guess this is why honestly and telling the truth to my boyfriend came so easily to me. Honestly is important within a healthy relationship. You do not want to be with someone who keeps lying and making up excuses just to not see you. Trust

Trust is the next big factor; probably the biggest in having a successful and happy relationship. Trust came easy within my relationship. I tell my boyfriend basically everything and it also works the other way round. If you do not trust your partner then your relationship won't last long.

Distance doesn’t matter

I don't know if this will be applicable to anyone but as mentioned before, I met my boyfriend online yet I did had a feeling that we will meet in the future which resulted in me talking to him everyday for four years. My friends used to call me crazy because I have put my hopes up. Long distance is difficult. Probably the most difficult thing I had to go through in my teenage years. But it worked out in the end. No matter what your friends tell you; always listen to yourself.

It is okay to be alone

Believe me when I say this; if you want to spend some time alone, go ahead and don't feel bad. No matter if you live with your partner or if you date and see each other often, if you want to have a day to yourself, go for it. They will understand as they probably feel the same way. I get attached very easily and I love spending time with my boyfriend but sometimes I need time to myself, even if it is just to read a book or go into town. Do not feel bad for wanting to have some alone time.

Small things matter

Small things like baking or doing the dishes for them can mean a lot. It shows them that you care. That you think about them. A cup of tea without asking always makes my boyfriend smile. Who would have thought that a simple thing like tea will make someone happy.

* when you try to take nice pictures for your blog post but your dog HAS to be in every shot.